3 Organic Materials You Should Use For Home Construction


Man-made construction materials like concrete, brick, steel, aluminum, etc. are used in most of the modern construction works. These materials have harmful effects. Organic materials can be used for construction in order to reduce the harmful health effects. Organic materials are grown from seeds and absorb carbon dioxide while they grow. After harvesting, the greenhouse gas does not release into the atmosphere, thus, causing no harmful effects.  Here are some organic materials you should use for home construction.



Wood has been used as a building material for many years. Wood is a product of trees and other fibrous plants. Wood can be flexible, while keeping the strength. If compressed vertically, it becomes very strong. Wood do not give off any harmful gas.

Stone or rock


It is the longest lasting building material available. Stones or rocks are readily available. Rock is a dense material, so it gives good protection. Granite and slate, which are forms of rocks, are used for construction. Slate is often used in roofs.



It is one of the oldest building materials known. Grass is a good insulator and can easily be harvested. Many tribal people have lived in homes made of grasses. In Europe, this was used as a roofing material. Many modern buildings now have thatched roofs with special ridge tiles on top.

Man-made construction materials use more energy and cause more pollution as well. As they have harmful chemicals in them, people are becoming allergic. Organic construction materials can breath and get rid of moisture, thus, promoting healthy indoor environment.

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